11 classic Dim Sum you should try

After a long journey on the flight, the world famous Dim Sum has to be your first meal in Hong Kong for sure. With bamboo steaming containers, most of them are made in snack-sized which easily share dishes together.
Locals usually go for it in the morning or afternoon, getting alone with families, especially for older relatives.


Siu Mai
hong kong dim sum

The most iconic dim sum. Flavored pork mince and mushrooms wrapped in a yellow wheat dough. Decorated with a shrimp. Feels like eating the art of work.


Steamed shrimp dumpling (Ha Gao)
hong kong dim sum

Springy shrimp wrapped with a crewy tapioca dough make it has different texture.


Steamed rice flour roll (Cheong Fun)
hong kong dim sum

A long thin silky rice roll stuffed with different filling such as shrimp, pork and beef. Served with sweet soy sauce.


Barbecued pork steamed bun (Cha Siu Bao)
hong kong dim sum

The slice barbecues porkl filling is gooey and full of flavour. And the dough is really soft and fluffy.


Custard steamed bun (Nai Wong Bao)
hong kong dim sum
Similar to the barbecued pork one. Tastes very sweet and buttery.

Beef Ball (Shan Zuk Ngau Juk)
hong kong dim sum

Beef ball stuffed with cilantra and water chestnut. Dipped in worcestershire sauce (Kip zap), tastes a bit sour and salty.

Stewed Chicken Feet (Fung Zau)
hong kong dim sum

Most of the foreigners don’t want to try this dim sum. But trust me, it tastes really good.


Spring Roll
hong kong dim sum

A long deep fried roll filled with vegetables and meat ingredients, usually served with sweet sour sauce. Kind of like Thai food.


Chinese sponge cake (Ma La Gou)
hong kong dim sum
Only flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder, but still very fluffy.


Date steamed cake (Hung Zou Gou)
hong kong dim sum

A typical Chinese dessert. Steamed the mixture of mashed dates and glutinous rice flour. tastes sweet and chewy. And date is a good food for skin.
Osmanthus jelly (Gwai Fa Gou)
hong kong dim sum

One of the popupar sweets. Looks so fancy and smell full of flowers.


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