9 Must-eat street food of Hong Kong

The best way to explore the taste of a city is to try every foods selling on the street. As the famous food paradise in Aisa, Hong Kong is no exception. A numbers of street foods are fusion of East and West that force you to stop.

1. Curry fish balls
hong kong street food
The most iconic street food could be found in every street food stalls. The texture is very chewy and usually come in a curry flavour.


2. Beef offal
hong kong street food
Including cow stomach, intestine, liver, lungs…etc. Stewing with local sauce for over few hours made it very tender and tasty.


3. Fish meat siu mai
hong kong street food
This is not the one you might recognize from dim sum. It is made out of fish paste, and in dim sum it is made out of shrimp and pork.


4. Three stuffed treasures
hong kong street food
A variety of vegetables stuffed with fish paste, and then deep-fried it. Not only “three” but you can choose tofu, eggplant, green bell pepper and red bell pepper.


5. Rice rolls
hong kong street food
Called Cheong Fan in Cantonese. Sweet sauce, soy sauce ,and peanut butter made a mixture of flavours on white silky rice rolls.

6. Egg puffs
hong kong street food
A local waffle invented in Hong Kong which looks like a honeycomb. It is hard on the outside but soft inside. Some of them are made in chooclate flavored, taro flavored, and even cheese flavored.


7. HK style waffle
hong kong street food
Looks like a normal waffle you could easily find in a restaurant. Filling with peanut butter, condensed milk and sugar, make it flavored in the taste of Hong Kong.


8. Stinky tofu
hong kong street food
Not everyone like the smell, but you might like the taste after several bites. Usually put a sweet sauce on it.


9. Roasted Chestnuts & Sweet potatoes
hong kong street food
Seasonal street food only in the autumn and winter. The chestnuts are fried with hot rocks in a big pot on a pushing cart, which is quite interesting. The hawkers could be easily found in the exit of the metro stations.

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