6 stir-fries you can’t miss in Dai Pai Dong

dai pai dong

Representing a part of Hong Kong spirit and culture, Dai Pai Dong literally means open-air food stalls You will find the most home-style taste of Hong Kong, such as Cantonese stir-fries, seafoods, and pot dishes. The foods here are totally beer-friendly.


The environment of dinning is also one of the experience. You might be having a dinner on street side or in the alleyway and sharing the table with locals. Yet the place is being untidy, the bustle atmosphere is great.


Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork

The iconic Chinese dish for West countries. Stir fried pork with pineapple, green pepper and onion. It tastes sweet and sour.


Satay Beef Enoki Mushroom Vermicelli
hong kong food

The most popular pot dish in Dai Pai Dong. Thinly sliced beef and enoki mushroom are always perfect match. Vermicelli absorbed the flavor of satay sauce made it tastes awesome.


Mayo Pork Rib
hong kong food

Originally invented from Hong Kong. There is no reason to doubt the taste of fried pork ribs with Mayonnaise.

Lemon Chicken
lemon chicken

Deep fried chicken served with sweet sour lemon sause, which you can’t get it in KFC.


Spicy Eggplant with Pork Mince
hong kong food

Fried eggplants and pork mince with sugar, salt, douban sause, soy sauce and chili peppers. The dish is full of flavor. You will love it even you are not a fan of eggplants.


Oyster Omelette
hong kong food

A famous food you can find in many asia countries. The Hong Kong version is quite crispy. A deep fried Omelette filled with oysters and spring onions and served with sweet sour sause.


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