Things to do and see in Sai Kung

Sai Kung is located in the east of Hong Kong. It is the perfect place to get some sunshine and have fun with outdoor activities. You can also find fresh sea foods and local tastes in this small outlying district.


1. Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery

If you are going to Sai Kung, you have to try the pineapple bun in this bakery. Although there is always a long queue on weekends, it is well worth it! The pineapple bun with a piece of butter is crispy, fluffy and delicious.

Address : G/F, 6-7 Kam Po Court, 2 Hoi Pong Square, Sai Kung
Average cost per person : HK$15 – $30

2. Chung Kee Che Chai Noodle

One of my favorite restaurant in Sai Kung. They offer a rich noodle soup that can be accompanied with a variety of ingredients such as beef belly, mushrooms, and fish balls. The price depends which ingredient you choose.

Address : G/F, Ko Shing Building, 19-21 Fuk Man Road, Sai Kung
Opening hours :
Mon – Sat 7:30am – 7:30pm
Sun 7:30am – 8:00pm
Average cost per person : HK$30 – $50


3. Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant is Michelin starred, serving Cantonese style seafood dishes. The seafood is prepared with authentic technique, whether it be steamed, deep fried, or stir fried.


You know the product is fresh when you can see the seafood in front of the restaurant, still swimming, before it enters your belly.

Address : G/F, 33-39 Sai Kung Tai Street, Sai Kung
Opening hours : Mon – Sun 11:00am – 11:00pm
Average cost per person : HK$200 – $300



1. Seafood Floating Market

A small floating market nearby Sai Kung Public Pier. Fishermen selling their real fresh seafood products on the boat.


Also you can find many dried seafood products from hawkers.


2. Sharp Island

Sharp Island is part of Kiu Tsui Country Park. It only takes a 15 minute boat ride from Sai Kung town. There is a tombolo connecting the main island and a tied island. You can reach the smaller island during low tide.

Directions : Take the ferry at Sai Kung Public Pier
Fare : HK$30 return journey

3. Tap Mun

Comparing to other islands in Sai Kung, Tap Mun is a good choice to visit. What to expect are green meadows, a small village and groups of wild cow. The island is very relax and laid-back and is suitable for camping and picnic.
As an outlying island, there aren’t many food choices here but the sea urchin fried rice is worth to try.

Directions : Take Bus No. 94 at Sai Kung Bus Station, drop off at Wong Shek Pier. Then take the ferry.
Fare : HK$6.8 (bus) + HK$14 (ferry) one way
Ferry’s timetable


4. High Island Reservoir

The best place to see geological landscapes in Sai Kung. The view of million-year-old hexagonal rock columns is amazing. There is an easy track where you are able to touch the rocks. To get started to the track, it take a 40 minute taxi ride from Sai Kung town.

With a lightless sky, High Island Reservoir is also known as a good place to see the Milky Way and shooting stars.

Directions : Take a taxi at Sai Kung Taxi Stand
(Book a taxi when you get back in town since there is no taxi stand nearby.)

Fare : HK$115 one way


1. Hiking to Sai Wan Beach

One of the beginner hikes in Sai Kung. Only a 40 minute walk from the nearest road to Sai Wan Beach. There are few local stores at the beach, offering tofu jelly and some snacks.
If you go further from the beach, you will find several nature pools in the mountain. At the end of the hike, there is a deep pool surrounded by 10 meter cliff, which is a popular cliff-jumping place.

Directions : Take Minibus No. 29R at Chan Man Street outside a McDonald, drop off at “Sai Wan Ting”.
Fare : HK$17 one way

2. Boat tour to the Geopark

In the Geopark in Sai Kung, lots of rare volcanic landscape are easily found over here. To explore this area, you can join a boat tour.
Many boat tour companies you can find nearby Sai Kung Public Pier. They offer a 3 hour ride visiting the Geopark in Sai Kung. The price and the route are quite similar, so just pick one of them.

Fare : HK$250 – $270

3. Kayaking

It is actually cheap and easy to do kayaking in Sai kung. Ah Kwok Water Sport Center located in Sha Ha Beach, offering kayak rental from only HK$50 a day. It is fun to discover small islands and sea coves over there.

Since there is no locker, you will need a waterproof bag to keep your belongings. And for your safety, put on a life jacket before you go.

Direction : a 20 minute walk from Sai Kung town to Sha Ha Beach.
Opening hours : 9:00am – 5:00pm
Cost : HK$50 (weekday) / HK$120 (weekend) a day


How to get to Sai Kung?

There is no metro station in Sai Kung. You can only take either bus or minibus to get there. Since traffic jam always happens at weekends, you should take the transportation before 9am.

1. Take a red mini bus at Dundas Street in Mong Kok

Fare : HK$17
Frequency : every 15-20 minutes

2. Take a red mini bus at Tang Lung Street in Causeway Bay

Fare : HK$23
Frequency : every 10-15 minutes
Route & timetable

3. Take No.101M mini bus at Hang Hau MTR Station

Fare : HK$9
Frequency : every 3-5 minutes
Route & timetable


Edited by Ryan Chen

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